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Beatiful Beatiful

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Thats a pretty awesome Capella there Ninjkabat.
Though you should add some tonal and sub-frequency balancing, as it would match Surround Sound better.

Though Beautiful? Sadly No. =C

Ninjkabat responds:

hehehe. I don't even know the first step of how to add tonal balancing or whatever. I just was messing around with Audacity, and this is what happened. It was enough of a challenge to get the sampling rate correct enough to submit it; I wouldn't expect much more sophistication than that.

Anyway, the title is BEATiful, not Beautiful. It's a play on words, kinda. I was looking to make a title that was rememberable, but not cheezy, which is actually harder than it sounds. Glad you thought it was Awesomriffitacularescentastical.