Entry #2

Medals, eh?

2009-05-19 15:45:41 by Johnny-Deg

The medals system is cool.
But sadly I think it's too little, too late.

On the PC, other sites like Kongrgate having been doing a point-award system for ages.
And as for Consoles, The xbox 360 has had Achievements since it's release.

It's good, but it's just too late!


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2009-05-19 16:05:12

better late than never


2009-08-19 02:19:01

hey u just got the icarus medal how did u get it?


2009-10-06 09:14:10

oh well sorry bout your feelings maybe we should all go to your site instead since its so perfect.

Johnny-Deg responds:

I apologize for having an opinion?